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Meet the Meridian Teaching Team

The Core Teaching Team at Meridian School of Massage and Bodywork

Julie Linton

Lead Tutor for Meridian Birmingham for the Professional Diploma in Holistic and Therapeutic Massage and Holistic Sports and Remedial Massage Diploma. Julie is also a Theory and Practical Assessor for MTI and runs her own Clinic Practice:

"It all began when I watched a physiotherapist use massage during a treatment and was suitably impressed with the results. Being of a curious nature, I had to find out more. After taking a basic massage course in 2004 at a local college, I was well and truly hooked. There had to be more to learn I was sure, and indeed there was.

After taking a Sports Massage Diploma came a 'chance' meeting with Lorraine, a person as passionate about massage as myself. I signed up for the Meridian Massage Practitioner Diploma. It presented me with a real big learning curve about 'human being' and 'being human'. The opportunity to develop technically as a practitioner (integrating methods from previous training) and self-development which enhances therapeutic relationships was exciting and invaluable. I feel very privilege to have discovered an occupation that continues to challenge and excite

Now I have my own complementary health practice working with a variety of clients, in a variety of settings. I facilitate Continual Professional Development courses for qualified therapists and introduction to massage days for partners and families.

So, not only curious, but someone who likes to share, I want to 'spread the word' about massage. In 2007 Lorraine offered me the opportunity to work as an Assistant Tutor within Meridian. So here I am and loving it"

Amanda Smith

Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology Lead Tutor 

"I have a fascination for the human body and the effect of massage therapy on all of the body systems. My back ground in computing has given me a thirst for logical explanations for the effects I see, as I work as a therapist and am constantly seeking more knowledge about our incredible bodies and the way they respond to touch. I have a passion for massage and it is a huge privilege to assist others on their own journey to become massage therapy practitioners.”

Amanda joined us in 2012 and continues toenhance and explore her love of AP&P.

Samantha Roberts

Assistant Tutor 

Assistant Tutor, Sam studied with Meridian for her Holistic Massage Diploma and Holistic Sports and Remedial Diploma. She has her own client practice working from home. Sam is passionate about the benefits of therapeutic massage, be they physical, emotional or spiritual and is looking forward to sharing the excitement and joy of massage with new students.

"I have always loved giving and receiving massage.  My friends, family and children would tell me I should train and do massage “properly”, but the right opportunity never came along and it was just something I did if people had an aching neck, sore shoulders or wanted a bit of loving touch. 
A friend recommended I try a student massage at Meridian and when I turned up Mandy was on reception.  Telling me the course had changed her life, she sent me away after my massage with details about Meridian and the Holistic Diploma course.  I duly studied on the course and went on to study further on the Holistic Sports and Remedial Diploma.

Going on those courses not only gave me my life back, it meant that I was equipped with knowledge and tools to help others connect with themselves, help themselves heal, find space within their busy lives to stop and find peace and allow themselves to be nurtured, affirmed and treasured for who they are and where they are on their life’s journey.

I worked with homeless men over the winter, offering foot massage in one of their night shelters.  Several were moved to tears that someone should want to touch them at all, let alone massage their feet.  For a few moments those men weren’t being judged or roughed up, but knew acceptance and kindness through touch.

I work with adults with autism in a residential setting and the way their eyes light up, the way one of them takes my hand and leads me to his massage space for his session – all without words – gives me the certainty that not only is this work fulfilling, enjoyable and rewarding, but is a privilege to work with all people in all their frailty and vulnerability and to share precious moments as they allow us into their world."

Devon Tutor

Lorraine Horton

Qualified in Massage Therapy (London School of Holistic Massage) in 1992 and with her love of massage and her enjoyment of training, she was keen to put both skills together to establish a quality massage training organisation in the Midlands – Meridian was born in 2003. She runs her own well-established complementary health practice in Birmingham and is employed for part of her time by the Health Service to provide complementary therapies to learning disabled people. Lorraine previously worked within the area of Civil Rights - issues of equality continue to underpin her teaching and practice.

"I am fascinated with the human body and its incredible potential. I feel sure that we know everything there is to know to support ourselves and each other - we just need to rediscover it! There is so much about us that cannot be explained on the physical, mental or emotional levels alone - my interest in subtle energies continues - and this is an integral part of my massage. I continue to explore and study these areas with excitement and passion. It is this passion and love of bodywork that I bring to my teaching - I am very excited about the possibility of sharing skills and supporting others to further explore this and am honoured to witness their own personal growth, development and unique massage style."