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Student Reviews

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Below are just a few testimonials and comments we've received back form current and former students.

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Just finished the massage diploma training, and it was an amazing and wonderful, intense year, with a wonderful group and the most amazing tutors. They are all so supportive and caring. The course is very intense, and the homework and studying took more time than I had anticipated, but I have learned loads and it was more than worth it! I think Meridian is the best school to go to. They really prepare you as much as possible for working as a massage therapist. Thank you all lovely ladies!
MV Warwickshire - Student

This school was all I wanted, the learning environment is very fluid and holistic. The tutors work with you to become the best version of yourself and do so in such a holistic way. Their bank of knowledge seems endless and they share it all with you. Becoming a massage therapist is a journey, and one well worth taking with meridian
JT Stafford - Student

I would recommend Meridian to anyone interested in learning massage therapy. The 2 year journey I have embarked on with Meridian has enabled me to become a professional, non-judgemental and skilled therapist. This has not only benefited my career but also my personal and social life. Thank you so much to all the tutors at meridian.
OB Burton On Trent - Student

Whilst I undertook my initial massage training with another company I have now done two workshops with Meridian (deep tissue and connective tissue and the holistic massage refresher as part of my cpd). The team are warm and friendly and the learning environment is relaxed and welcoming. Julie is an inspiring tutor with an immense knowledge to share and i'm very much looking forward doing next year's cpd courses.
JP Coleshill, N. Warwickshire - Student

Hi girls i would just like to say a big thank you for a brilliant course wknd (introduction to holistic massage). I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt so much, my wife is loving it ha. The course was really well structured, educational and entertaining, I can see why so many students return to do a full diploma. If I wasn't working full time already I would love to do the course but hey! Again thank you so much and hope to see you all again. Mark gilder
MG Wolverhampton - Student



Old Style Reviews

Please note, in January 2017 we introduced our "Star Rating" reviews that are listed above this text. This rating system was NOT available to the students that kindly provided the following:


I had not long completed the MTI diploma in holistic therapeutic massage, when I signed up for holistic sports and remedial massage. The course appealed to me, because I thought it would open more doors both in terms of my client group and being able to provide a unique service. I was very nervous before the course started, expecting both the tutor and course content would be much more rigid and technical than the holistic massage course. I need not have worried though. Julie was not the formal, rigid, technical person I had expected. She was warm, friendly, approachable, down-to-earth and it soon became very clear to me that the holistic ethos was at the centre of her teaching. She was very clear and direct, but polite and respectful at the same time. Every time I learnt a new technique, I felt that I had sufficient knowledge to be able to go away and experiment, incorporating the new work into my clients' treatments. Initially adding something new did destabilise my treatments, as I focused too much on the new work, forgetting the bigger picture. Over time, the jigsaw pieces would reassemble, with my new knowledge in its rightful place. Julie has a good sense of when to intervene and support and when to back off. She would help me out initially, but then leave me to get into the swing of the new strokes. This gave me a sense of safe space to practise, while not feeling intimidated by supervision. The course was rigorous, with a lot of written work and practical assessments throughout. However, Julie supported us all the time and we were extremely well prepared for the exams. Now that I have completed the training, I feel confident in my ability to appropriately treat clients with a wide range of injuries and health conditions. I no longer feel phased by injuries which I would previously have referred on to a more experienced and qualified practitioner. I also have the confidence to research conditions which are new to me, feeling able to discern when I can treat someone and when to refer on.
SB, Sheffield.

As a total novice, once I had decided to embark on this path I obviously needed to get an appropriate qualification that would provide me with the knowldedge skills and certification to allow me to start up my own business.  I scoured the internet and was bombarded with optionsI decided that if I was going to be truly credible with future clients I needed a truly credible course to attend.  I disguarded the "be a masseur in 2 days" option because I could not get my head round how that could actually happen.  I wanted both depth and breadth of skills & knowledge.  This was going to be a total career change for me and I had to go with something that was going to give me the best chance of success.  

I came across Meridian via the wesbite and it immediately started to tick the boxes that were important to me.  I made numerous phone calls with what were probably daft questions but Lorriane, Julie and Mandy were very patient and spoke in a language that I could understand.  I then had the meeting with Lorraine and that basically made my mind up for me.  This was not only going to be an in depth credible development intervention but was also going to be delivered in a style and approach that would suite someone like me with next to no knowledge or experience in the field.  I did not even do biology at school!

The course itself turned out to be amazing.  Don't get me wrong, a combination of no knowledge and being out of the learning environment for more years than I care to remember made it a challenge, in fact it was very hard at times.  What got me through was the support of my fellow students and the positivity of the tutors with their consistent "can do" approach.  There was an effective mix of hands on body work together with the more classroom based learning associated with the anatomy, physiology and pathology elements of the course.  These took place in a most comfortable and good natured environment with lots of laughs along the way!  I mentioned earlier about depth and breadth of the course being important to me and I really appreciated the learning the course facilitates around key areas such as the therapeutic relationship between the therapist and client as well as the real commercial nitty gritty of running one's own holistic massage therapy business.  These learning points have been so useful to me as I start the journey with my own business; Andrew Parsons massage, see website for details!!"  

A Parsons, Massage Therapist, Newcastle, Staffs.

"Brilliant range of skills learned, amazing group of people on the course. Tutors are: warm, friendly, approachable and encouraging."

"What a great experience and journey!"

"This course not only taught me skills in massage, but also taught me about myself, about life and about the connection within us all. A truly holistic course."

"This course has given me a new direction in life and the skills to embrace it."

"Life changing with wonderful, caring people."

"It changed my life for the better. It taught me more about myself than any other experience. It showed me how to help and gave me the opportunity to help others. It helped me understand my body, my relationship with other people, and how to constantly refine and learn about myself and others."
VH, Birmingham

"As well as acquiring an exceptionally high quality skill, this course is an amazing journey of self discovery."
AS, Birmingham

"This course taught me alot and there is more that I ve learnt in these months than in many years just through life experiences alone. Very educational and self enriching experience that helped me to evolve into who I am today and how I ll continue onwards."
IT, Telford

"This course is the Rolls Royce of courses in terms of massage. It is intense and you do need to put a lot of work into is but the result is well worth it."
GF, Handsworthwood 

"The last year has been a wonderful journey. I have made new friends, learnt new things about myself and others. Its definitely a journey I will continue on with Meridian. Julie and Lorraine's teaching style is complementary, their knowledge and experience is amazing. They encourage and support you to spread yoru wings, to reflect on what you are learning. The holistic massage course has opened a door into a whole new world of opportunities thank you."
JC, Birmingham

"This course has reinforced the importance of knowing about the body, through learning about anatomy; physiology and not just the 'hands on touch' therapy on any kind of superficial level. Wonderful, useful course, great knowledgeable teachers and absolutely inspiring place to learn and grow as a Holistic Therapeutic Massage Practitioner. Would recommend this course to anyone wanting to practice proper Complementary Therapeutic Massage. !"
VQ, Birmingham

"I felt really privileged to have had the opportunity to learn from Lorraine. She is a natural, wise teacher and the course reflects her deep knowledge and experience of holistic therapy. It is about far more than just teaching technical skills - it gives you a real understanding of what holistic massage really means, about respect, listening, being non-judgemental, honest and open ....... and its also about laughing and having fun.

The course is also just as much about personal growth and self-awareness as about technical learning. It was great having the opoportunity to explore myself - who I am, how I am, what motivates and moves me. And I found that as I grew personally, my skill and confidence as a massage therapist developed too. The course was wonderful and one of the best things I have ever done!"

SO, Shropshire

"This course in one word has been 'AMAZING'. It has not only just been about a qualification. It has been about me growing as a person, gaining confidence and meeting incredible people. I have got so much more out of this course - even I wouldn't have guessed.

It was so nice to meet people who encouraged my passions and my growth, who did so willingly as well. I feel a lot happier than I did generally before the course, and a lot more confident. Infact, the qualification would be the smallest thing I have achieved on the course.


SC, Dudley

"This year has been Transformational,
A Gift
I have learned so much about myself
Begun a loving relationship with my body
Learned to value myself
Fallen in love with massage
The course has given me confidence
An awakening
And its only the beginning
It has been an honour to share this journey
I don't even know how to begin to say
Thank you"

SK, Totnes

"I entered this course to learn and develop the art of Holistic Massage Therapy, and came away knowing that I have achieved this, and much much more. This has been an amazing and personal journey of discovery on many different levels.

Your passion and enthusiasm as a teacher for your art is creative, inspiring, empowering, encouraging, experiential, fun - and the list just goes on ...... You have taken us far beyond the mere mechanics of massage, to the true essence of a holistic approach. I love the way that you have encouraged and supported the exploration of our own individuality and uniqueness as therapists. Instilling in us the confidence, to work intuitively and ultimately to a very high standard.

It was a pleasure to be taught by you, and be in the wonderful company of my fellow students, now therapists. You have given me an incredible start to a new future. Thank you."

PM, Birmingham

"Thank you very much for the weekend of massage. I learnt a great deal and I also understood more about how some things link together. I particularly appreciated your very different attitude to massage - that intention and stillness are more important than just rubbing someone's muscles! Your individual approach is so powerful."
SG, Birmingham

"I really loved the massage course. It was interesting, challenging, fun and thought provoking. To me it was much more than about massage. It was about how we treat each other, being non-judgemental and the respect that we should all have for each other. The massage has given me the qualification to start my own complementary therapy business and has given me the confidence to know that my training with MTI means I'm offering one of the best massages around. The other stuff has made me think more about my own actions and feelings towards all sorts of things!
It's a tough course and there are times when you think I'm not going to make it. But you will and it will be worth it!" 

JH, Birmingham

"The course was everything I thought it would be and more ..... we danced, laughed, meditated, played games and in between all of this we massaged too!! Thank you for everything you have taught me this far and for everything I go on to do as I start my life as a self-reflective holistic massage therapist...." 
SH, Coventry

" I have never known learning and teaching to be so much fun. Your enthusiasm and energy for massage is contagious, and Pip [the Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology Teacher] has to be the most enthusiastic person to teach AP and P and this is definitely an unknown quantity for me! I just want to "
LO, Coventry

" I have really enjoyed my time on this course and have learnt so much and progressed so far over the past year. I have "
JJ, Leicester

" Thank you for everything that I've gained from your course, it has been brilliant, and so much more than I thought it would be. I truly do wish you all the best & every success that you and Meridian deserve - you are a fantastic tutor "


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